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Post  Minisky on Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:17 pm

Forum Rules

    • No spamming in the board and in the chatbox

    • No dual accounts! You are just allowed to have 1 account per I.P address

    • No using of badwords! (e.g fuck you, bitch, shit, etc).

    • Don't use the site for self-profit.

    • Don't be a claimer! You have no right to claim the site as yours unless for some valid reason(e.g you are the owner)

    • Don't bully other members.

    • Don't do trashtalks.

    • Don't advertise other forums here.

    • No posting of pornographic materials and sites here.

    • No copying or spreading of data from here to other sites.

    • No double posting.

Anyone who violates one of these rules will be banned! Please be aware of that.

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